Natural Remedies for Aching Joints and Muscles

Have you been dealing with pain in your joints and muscles? Your discomfort could come from any number of places but if you are looking for a bit of relief it might be worth looking at some natural remedies before going down the chemical route.

Maybe you have just started working out again or have started a new job that is very physical. You may go home with sore, aching muscles. Those muscle aches can also be a result of the effects of aging.

How to Stop Aching Muscles

Ever had a knotted muscle? It can be painful to deal with. Even stretching out that muscle is hard to do. But, here are some ways to get relief fast.

  • Cold compress – Applying cold to a muscle numbs and dulls the pain. Nerve endings can’t send messages to the brain. It is a little startling at first but after about twenty minutes your muscle will calm down.
  • Hot compress – Now that you have your pain under control, applying heat will unknot the muscle. You can use a heat patch or a hot water bottle if you prefer. During this phase, give your muscle a little kneading. You can work the kink out of your muscles and increase elasticity in the muscle.
  • Massage – It may be hard for you to knead your own muscles when they ache. Go to a professional. Let them know where you are carrying your pain and they can recommend the proper massage technique. Sometimes the knot is deep in the muscle and requires special attention to get relief.

How to Stop Aching Joints

Each time you move there is a creaking sound. It is not the door but your joints. Here are some ways to stop the pain without medication.

  • Non-weight bearing exercises – For many, there is nothing that can be done medically for them. The reason for the joint pain is weak muscles or ligaments surrounding the joint. One exercise that is good is swimming. The natural resistance of the water can help strengthen weaknesses without adding to your pain. Also, performing flexibility movements that target specific muscles and ligaments can stop the transfer of pain to the joints.
  • Increase nutrition – Weaknesses can be due to a lack of nutrients in the diet. Increase levels of antioxidants and protein to nourish muscles and joints. Increasing omega-3 fatty acids can reduce incidents of inflammation in the body. Eating more cold water fish can help.
  • Acupuncture – This is an alternative therapy that can release pain in the joints by removing blockages that stop the flow of life-giving energy to the body. The procedure is virtually pain free and new sterile needles are used each time. Some clients feel less joint pain after only a few sessions.

Are you dealing with aching muscles or painful joints? Look for natural cures to heal your pain.

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